Soaring into the universe of truth

“When I walked in[to the Revolution for Truth conference], Rebecca Robbins [of STAT was trying to interview me and Bobby Kennedy was saying she’s doing a hit piece on Andy [Wakefield], and I said great, I’ll take that interview. Andy’s been a hit piece. He’s really their ONLY hit piece. They’re a one-hit wonder. And man, is that song getting old. Seriously. We need a remix and at least get something happening there! Are you gonna continue to send reporters down to ask the same question about the same song that died a decade ago? Come on now! Is that the best you got? I’m serious. Is THAT the best you’ve got? We’re not here without Andy. We’re not here without Polly [Tommey]. We’re not here without Marcella Piper-Terry. We’re not here without Barbara Loe Fisher… all of you in the room… that have built the foundation of a movement that is now just hitting its turbo. It’s taking off, folks. The rockets have kicked in. We’ve broken free of the atmosphere, and now we are weightless and we are soaring into the universe of truth.”

― Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe


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