The anti-vaccine movement was not destroyed in two minutes

“No, Jeffrey Sachs did not destroy the anti-vaccine movement in under two minutes. That’s just part of the catchy title given to a flashy new video produced by Emma Fierberg for the online publication Business Insider. In the video, renowned economist and director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University Jeffrey Sachs attempts to explain why the people of the United States and other wealthy countries are so much better off now than ever before because of vaccines and other drugs. (Note that The Earth Institute receives financial support from the Merck Company Foundation for its health programs in Africa.

You know, we’re so lucky in the United States and other high income countries that we now live 80 years life expectancy. Many people can expect to live much longer than that. What a gift, compared to what life was like a century or two ago when life expectancy was 35 years or 40 years in the world, it’s doubled. And we live long and healthy lives because of the wonders of technology, vaccines and antibiotics, and knowledge about what causes disease and how to prevent it.

The analysis, however, seems overly narrow and simplistic, and it fails to take into account that life expectancy in the U.S. had steadily been increasing before the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s, the mass vaccination campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s, and most of today’s modern medical diagnostic imaging, information and manufacturing technologies.”

― Marco Cáceres, The Vaccine Reaction

Note: The above text is excerpted is from the article “Jeffrey Sachs’ Quaint Destruction of the Anti-Vaccine Movement“.


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